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Lindfield Business Roundtable

We’re a group of local business leaders helping each other grow our businesses. Our group is based in Lindfield in Northern Sydney and is affiliated with the local Chamber of Commerce.
We meet every month to have a series of discussions about business issues, changing regulations, new opportunities and to seek feedback on problems we might have. Discussions are facilitated by an experienced moderator. We are a collegiate group operating under Chatham House rules. We often have an outside expert share their wisdom with us.

It’s all about expanding our knowledge, getting feedback and advice on business problems, and having the support of peers who operate in different markets but share the same concerns

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What We Offer

Discover how Lindfield Business Roundtable have created a powerful and enthusiastic pool of members who benefit from:


Engage in open conversations without fear of leaks or competition. All discussions remain strictly confidential.

Your business Growth

Our skilled facilitator guides discussions and arranges keynote speakers, offering diverse perspectives.

Members-Only Sessions

Gain fresh insights and experience growth that propels you both personally and professionally.

Expert Facilitation

Our skilled facilitator guides discussions and arranges keynote speakers, offering diverse perspectives.

What’s our why?

Members say it’s like having an advisory board. A group of trusted peers who will give frank advice. It can be lonely running a small business and leaders are often constrained as to who they can have discussions with. Group members get to know each other’s businesses and are well placed to offer advice.
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Your questions answered

One Wednesday per month we meet at 7.30am for 2 1/2 hours. We meet in person but offer members and guests the ability to join us by Zoom. Our host, Peter Vickers Business Group, provides a light breakfast.
Very few but they are important. Admission to the group is by invitation as we do not have any companies that are in direct competition with each other. Group members may bring guests to the open part of a meeting. All meetings have member only confidential discussions. We ask for punctuality, candor, and politeness; and putting your phones on silent.
To experience our Business Roundtable, you can join as a guest for the open part of a meeting. Members often bring guests to the meeting who may be a colleague, supplier customer or friend. By mutual agreement, they cannot be a competitor of a member. If you don’t know a member, just drop an email to
Full members pay an annual fee of $1,200 +GST which may be paid monthly. It covers the venue, catering, facilitation, and other incidentals. Guests are asked to contribute $35 +GST per meeting when they attend in person.
There is no pressure to bring guests to a meeting, recruit new members or refer business to another group member. Where referrals occur, it is because both parties are confident of a positive outcome.
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Next meeting

7.30am to 10.00am

last wednesday of each month

Peter Vickers Business Group

2 345 Pacific Highway Lindfield, Sydney NSW,